Taking Treats Politely and Natural Horsemanship

My recipe for safe and polite treat-taking is to slow down my movements as I head to my pocket and then slowly reach out towards my horse's mouth. Just by slowing down it calms the pace between us. I extend my treat laden hand with the back of my hand up if they are too rowdy or slobbery about taking the treats. When they back off a little bit I will turn my hand over, still closed. When they have a clam demeanor and calm mouth then I open my hand so they can take it. This all can happen in seconds or sometimes longer if need be.

About Natural Horsemanship teachers: I submerged myself into that world for awhile thinking it was the greatest stuff in the horse world. I couldnt believe how effective the methods were at controling my green and fiesty horse. But I never got totally comfortable with the force part of it. Many times I overdid it, it was easy to get heavy handed with the dominance thing. She never looked happy even when she was 'obediant', I finally lost interest in pursuing my natural horsemanship education.

Then CT came into my awareness and you know the rest--it's a new paradigm of relationship where both the horse and the person can be happy, win-win, no force or fighting, no hurrying, plenty of potential for learning and training and athleticism and fun. To me its subtler, more grown up, more new age,a higher consciousness way of relating to our fellow beings. Some of the skills I learned in natural horsemanship may come in handy from time to time, and sometimes they get in my way and I have to undo and redo alot of it. By the way, no rearing all this week!! Slowing down with my movements and lightening my sense of love and humor has made a world of difference! Also I've been stopping often and telling Twyla how much I love her and fawning over here with hearts in my eyes. She's the best, as are all our horses.